Sunday, April 3, 2011

C4T#3 Summary

google tools in bloom's taxonomy

For C4T#3 I was assigned to Dianne Krause blog. She is a instructional technology specialist so, her blog is very technologically advanced. This blog has many helpful post. However, the post are not what you typically expect out of a blog post. The blog post mainly consist of many links. For example, the first post I commented on had a excellent link to a webpage for teaching music. I found this post at a very convient time because I am currently working on my very first smartboard music lesson plan and I will definetly be utilizing this website. The second post I commented on was just really cool. It had a link to an image with the google tools formatted into Bloom's Taxonomy. As you can see from above it is pretty awesome. Overall, I really liked my C4T#3 assignment, her blog was unique. This blog is unlike many other blogs. Most blog post just have people's opinion's which is important for many reason's but I liked this blog because it gives us easy access to helpful tools. I will definetly be adding Dianne Krause to my PLN. Thank you, Dr.Strange!

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