Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Post #13

successful teaching

ALEX is an amazing resource for both students and teachers.
ALEX is helpful to teacher's for variety of reason's including:
1)ALEX has a section for lesson plans which can be narrowed down by grade and subject.
2)Educational Podcast that are great for the classroom.
3)A section for professional learning section which has a variety of links arranged by subject to provide you with more information on professional development opportunities. Also, links to advice and tutorials on how to use new technological tools.
4) A helpful search center that can help you narrow down your search by category.
5) A variety of helpful web resources
ALEX is also useful to students for a variety of reasons including:
1) The helpful web resources which are categorized by subject and will be especially beneficial if the student is doing research.
2) The podcast treasury that has many educational podcast and can be very beneficial to students
ALEX seems to be a tool I could practically use in my classroom. However, I do wish there was a little more for the students. I do find the tools for teachers very useful but for the website to even more successful there needs to be more tools for students.

Well ACCESS did seem very helpful for students. However, ACCESS is only for high school students and since I am a elementary education major it does not really apply to me.According to the official ACCESS website the purpose of ACCESS is "to provide high quality instruction through distance learning." ACCESS is basically online classes for high schools. ACCESS wants to provide the students to learn how to work as professionals. ACCESS provides techniclogical help for any students who plan to enroll for the students individually. ACCESS seems like a great program and they need to create something similar for middle and elementary age students.

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