Saturday, April 9, 2011

Special Assignment: Mr. McClung


1) The first thing I learned is that Mr. McClung is first and foremost a great teacher. He is very interactive with both students and parents. Also, I discovered through his blog that he has a love of sports and music.
2) As I stated before Mr. McClung is a great educator. He is interactive with the parents he is trying to keep them as up to date as possible on their child's academic life. Parent-teacher communication is crucial and it seems to me that he has mastered it. He is very interactive with his students and truly cares about them. He expects a lot from the students and is making them decide now whether they are going to memorable or just average.
3) His rules say a lot about how he runs his classroom. It sounds like there is lots of debates and free-discussion occurring in the class. In addition to this although his rules show him as the definite authority figure, he does keep an opened mind.
4) A day planner that can be bought from the school. I think he has this as the first requirement because he expects his students to act as professionals and to stay organized.
5) A letter grade is dropped for everyday the assignment is late. His penalties are much like your penalties, Dr.Strange, in the since that if you turn in your work late it will highly affect your grade and if you are continually late turning in your work then you will not do well in the course.
6) The purpose of his blog was clear it is to keep his students, parents, and others updated on the school and his classrooms events. I imagine that the purpose of his blog would be very similar to the purpose of my blog, if I ran a class blog.
7) Well, I did not pick just two I found five that I really like. The first being Purdue: OWL which was not a new discovery for me , I actually use this resource quite often and it is great for both students and teachers alike. The next resource I found was The Plagiarism Checker which I really liked because I think it is important for children to learn what plagiarism and that it is wrong from a very early age. I thought Ant was great it is perfect for students when they are trying to research a topic. Also, I liked ToonDoo the only way I could think to implement it the classroom was through a history lesson. The students would use a historical figure as their "character" and the "thought bubble" could state something that the person is famous for. Lastly, my favorite find was Scholastic Story Staters it is a GREAT way to teach creative writing not to mention its pretty fun.
8) I thought his Internet safety rules were great all teachers should have a page for this in their blogs. The only thing I would add to his rules would be not to identify your age.
9) I had "Lessons Learned." I thought Lesson One - April Fools was pretty funny the students managed to pull off a great prank. It was innocent and all in good fun though. But, that kinda makes me wonder if the coach thought it was as funny as I did, I mean that was a lot of post-its to take off. I hope those girls weren't running laps in the gym the next day. My hat tips off to you young ladies it was a funny but innocent prank.
10) Now I have some questions for the EDM staff { I know that's shocking:) }: Are EduBlogs free? And do they work like Blogger does? Are KidsBlogs free? And lastly, how do you put a song on your blog?

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