Friday, April 15, 2011

Final PLN Summary

main tools used in a PLN

Since my last summary I have added a variety of people. Some I found on my own and some I found through EDM.
I found six from EDM in various ways. Including through project, C4T and blog posts
Daniel Pink- this is Daniel Pink's website and he is the creator of "This is my sentence" videos and author to the very well-known book Drive.
Dianne Krausse blog who I found through C4T she has a very interesting blog her post mainly consist of links to great technological finds.
The Fischbowl blog which is Karl Fisch's blog who was the co-creator of the "Did You Know?" videos.
Spencer Scratch Pad blog which is John Spencer's blog who is the author of Pencil Me In, Drawn Into Danger, Sages and Lunatics, and Teaching Unmasked
The Cool Cat Teacher Blog which is Vicki Davis's blog which I found through C4T
and The Thinking Stick blog which is Jeff Utecht blog who is an international educator and author of Reach.
The rest I found through on my own through Twitter:
Kyle Pace blog and Kyle pace is a Instructional Technology Specialist.
Jabiz Raisdana blog and he has a variety of teaching experiences.
Rush the Iceberg blog which I found through Stephen Davis on Twitter

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