Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Post #11

These kids are amazing! They are using tools that I was not even introduced to until college and some of the tools they use I have not even used. I really loved the idea of using a Nintendo DS as a way to learn to read. That’s such a great way to learn especially for kids at this age. I know that the kids I babysit would love this because they love their DS’s and they are practically glued to those things. So, this is such a creative way to get a student’s attention and to keep it. Also, this video opened my eyes to why comments4kids is so important. The kids love to get comments on their blogs and they really need that encouragement to keep going. Also, I never really thought of all the beneficial uses of Skype. The idea of using Skype to bring in experts into the classrooms was great and I will definitely be using this in my classroom. I loved this video it gave me so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing this awesome video Dr. Strange!

I think her techniques are great. The only problem is that a lot of schools do not have even one computer in their classrooms much less five for students to work; most of the time this is because of financial restraints. Hopefully if I do get into a situation like this I could set up a fundraiser and with some luck I will raise enough to purchase computers for my classroom. In today’s world computer skills are crucial and should be required for students of all ages. Technology is here to stay and it should not be treated as just a little add-on. But, if I do teach in a school that has the technology available I sincerely hope I will have a supportive administration that will support my ideas to bring in technology to my classroom. To insure parent-teacher support I will send out notification at the beginning of the year as Mrs. Cassidy does to notify them of my uses of technology in the classroom. I know that I will encounter many privacy obstacles along the way but I think with Mrs. Cassidy’s techniques those obstacles can be easily avoided. In addition to Mrs. Cassidy’s techniques, I will also instruct my students to follow internet safety guidelines like Mr.McClung's. Overall, I enjoyed the interview it was very informative.


  1. You may have to be assertive and push Do it! We'll be there to help (as well as your PLN which I see from your post above is expanding rapidly).

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    I Really like the idea of you being willing to have fundraisers to purchase computers for your classroom to help students out who do not have personal access. This is a very wonderful thing. I also think technology is a wonderful thing kids should be familiar with. And the Nitendo DS is also a great way for kids to interact with technology on their social level.

    Great Job.