Thursday, April 21, 2011

C4K Summary

monkey stuff animal
Keeyah, Adia's mascot.

The first C4K blog I commented on was Mr. McClung. I was assigned to the Lessons Learned segment. In the segment I was assigned to he was discussing that at his school are currently hosting tryouts or accepting applications to a variety of organization for the next year and that the students were highly anxious to find out the results and that he was glad that the decisions were almost made. My comment simply was that I remembered those days of anticipation and that at least I would be able to empathize with my students if I ever came across this situation.
The second blog I commented on was Erin’s. She was assigned to write a persuasive paper. Her paper was on “animals should not be kept in the zoo.”
She was very successful in being persuasive. However, I did see a few errors. First she ramble a little bit and second she sometimes would say things that were unrelated to her main topic. But other than those few things her persuasive writing assignment was overall very good. My comment was simply that she made valid points in her argument and that she seemed to be a great animal rights advocate.
The third blog I commented on was Mrs. Yollis and she has a very interesting blog. I really enjoyed all the informative video’s. The video’s on “how to comment” and “Learn HTML code” are great especially for first time blogger’s. Besides being informative I also enjoyed that her students got the opportunity to participate in the video because most of these types of informative video I have seen only involve the teacher. These videos will be more relatable to younger students. In addition, I also enjoyed how Mrs. Yollis has a tab for time-zones of the places of frequent “commenters” this is a great way to involve other students internationally.
The last C4K I was assigned was Adia’s blog. Adia is in Mrs. Yollis's class. The blog post that I commented on was all about the new addition to her blog, her blog mascot. Adia created a monkey at Build-A-Bear and named it Keeyah. Adia had the wonderfully creative idea to make her new found friend her blog mascot she even took pictures of it and made a presentation. In addition, she had a few questions for any viewers to answer. I simply commented that even though I did not have a blog mascot, I thought it was a creative idea. Also, I told her about a bear I made at Build-A-Bear many years ago, the answer to one of her questions. I concluded my statement with complimenting her on such a good post. These C4K’s were a little different from the past C4K’s. However, I learned a lot with these C4K’s and got a lot of great ideas.

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