Sunday, March 6, 2011

PLN Summary


So far my PLN mainly consist blogs and websites and a lot of them I have learned about through EDM for instance:
What Ed Said blog, which I discovered because I was assigned to this teachers blog as a part of Comments4Teachers
Middle School Matrix, which I discovered through being a Twitter follower to the writer of this blog
Sir Ken Robinson's website and The TED website, which I learned about through a blog post assignment.
and, Scott McLeod's website, which I also learned about through a blog post assignment
But, I have discovered a few members of my PLN on my own and I found all of them through Twitter. However, their Twitter page's are not in my PLN their blogs/websites are for example:
At the Teacher's Desk, which is all about collaboration.
for the love of learning blog
I Know This Much is True blog
Classroom Talk blog
My PLN is still very small in comparison to others but I plan to keep adding to it as I learn. Also, as I add more to my PLN I plan to use it more frequently but I feel like once I am actually in the field working I will use my PLN daily.

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  1. Wow, it looks like you have found some useful stuff here! I hope you can continue to add to your PLN and keep things going!

    Good job Kim,

    Stephen Akins