Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Post # 8

I believe I am ready to write with multimedia to an extent. This class is preparing me to write with multimedia and I have learned a great deal. However, learning is a never ending process; I still have plenty to learn. For example, in order to write with multimedia I need to improve on my skills with collaboration tools such as, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Since I am an elementary education major writing in multimedia could be somewhat over my students’ skill level. But I do realize that they can do a lot of multimedia writing and I will have high standards for my students and I will expect them to write in some multimedia form and to learn new ways of multimedia literature. Even though I understood the message behind this lecture I did not care for this lecture at all. To be quite honest I found this lecture to be boring. However, not because of the material presented that was interesting, but it was because I found the speaker to monotone and just plain boring. I feel like if I had this speaker as a professor that I would fall asleep in his class. Definitely not one of my favorite blog post it had an interesting concept, but a boring speaker.

The chipper series was hilarious and poor chipper always mess, but in the end she figures out that she needs to change her ways if she wants to live a productive life. The statement that stood out the most to me in this video was when chipper told Dr. Strange that “she wanted to be taught so she would not have to learn.” Unfortunately in my opinion many students feel this way but that’s only because it is our fault as teachers students are brought up being taught instead of actually learning the material. This must change, students must become learners. In this fast changing world students need to learn to be diverse and pick things up quickly so they can keep up with their completion. A teacher’s position has changed, a teacher is more there to be a guide for the students. A teacher is not there to stuff information in a student’s head so they can just spit out at them on the next test and then forget all of it as soon as the test is finished. A teacher is just another tool for the students not the whole computer. Edm for dummies was hilarious and it was exactly how I felt in the beginning of the semester, very frustrated. Seriously Dr. Strange you should really make this book. I think an extension to edm fo dummies would be good. For example, a funny tutorial of how to use twitter or how to set up your PLN. So it would be tweeting in edm for dummies type video.

This is a good video, very true. As stated in the video we have a classroom system when we could have a community, which I completely agree with. Obviously the classroom system is not working because nationally students have not progressed educationally. If we did have a community system I think we would see great progress. Our students would able to collaborate with other people all over the world and would be able view information that is internationally known. Also, my favorite comment in the video was that if we have the view of simply applying standards and standardized testing that it would work but in fact it does not because these jobs that the students will have do not ask for simply right and wrong answers these jobs will be calling on their artistic abilities, abilities to work as a team, and being multicultural. However, we do use standardized testing as if it is a miracle machine and generally we do not teach students to have artistic and teamwork skills or to be multicultural. As teachers we are suppose to be educating our students for their future careers but how can we do that if the system has our hands tied behind our back. Our system is flawed and needs many changes, I agree with the title of the video we must “learn to change, change to learn.”

The first video was basically the concept that there six times zone that people live in which are: two past focus either negative or positive, 2 present focus including hedonistic, and 2 future focus. Also, the video showed depending on which time zone a person lives how it can affect their whole world. It was a very enlightening video and I definitely see what there talking about. I think I live in the future focus because I do not think I would be in college if I was not future oriented. The second video was about the theory that rewards can be motivational and will result in more of the behavior you are looking for. However, according to many studies if the test were only mechanical than the rewards worked but on the other and if the test were anything higher the basic cognitive skills then the rewards resulted in worse performance. Also, the video showed if they got rid of the rewards all together the results were amazing if people did the work for their own self gratification the end product was remarkable. Overall, I enjoyed both of this video and I liked the technique of the animation their used in the videos.


  1. You made many valid points. I agree strongly with you on many comments you made. Teachers have the responsibility for being sure that students are familiar with technology and ways it can enhance their learning abilities now and in the future.

  2. Kim,

    Like Ashleigh, I agree with many of your comments. A teacher's job is to prepare students for the future. In order for us to do our jobs effectively, we must implement technology into out classroom.

    Good post!

    - Allie