Sunday, February 27, 2011

C4K#1 Summary

My first experience with Comments4Kids was good. The first child’s blog I read was Rachel’s in Ms. Naugle math class. The week I was assigned to read Rachel’s blog was when her class was learning about fractions she said,”Fractions are awesome . They go against most rules of math like the bigger the number is the bigger the amount being represented is. But in fractions the bigger the number the smaller the thing it stands for,” I loved how enthusiastic she was about fractions and about learning in general and I encouraged her to keep up the enthusiasm. In honor of Rachel’s enthusiasm I have found this really cute video about fractions which you can view above. In the second week of C4K#1 I was assigned to Daniel who according to his post is a sports enthusiast, ”Sports Sports is the best thing to do. There are soccer, basketball, football, and a lot more! Sports are not a thing to just talk about… its something you can DO! Sports are the best thing to do!” In my comment I told him that I agreed that sports were great and I told him about my interest in tennis and watching college football. Finally, I told to keep posting all the good blog posts. In my final week of C4K#1 I was assigned to Juoan’s Blog, who happens to be a very impressive little girl. Juoan has had her own blog for 5 years, which is where I commented on since there was nothing much on her school blog other than a link to her blog. This blog was very impressive it had multiple videos which she created. Juoan will definitely be a force to reckon with when she is older. So far I have really enjoyed C4K and I look forward to more.

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