Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Post # 5

Eagle Nest Radio and Class Blog
The eagle nest radio was so cute! I loved the technique of this podcast like how the kids made the podcast sound like an entertainment news show and how there was music between the switch from speaker to speaker. Also, this podcast was very educational I learned some new information about ancient Rome that I never knew before and to me that’s what podcasting is suppose to be about, learning something new. I was very impressed at how professional the kids were they did not laugh or stumble on their words.
Overall I liked this podcast a lot it was both educational and cute. I hope I can apply this in my classroom someday in not only history but also other subject matter as well. I really like the idea of doing a weekly podcast with my students similar to this podcast radio style where we would do a different subject every week highlighting on what we were currently working on that week.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
I enjoyed this podcast and it gave me an idea. I learned something new; I never knew I was a millennial. However even though I am consider a millennial I do not agree with their assumption I did not know what a podcast was before this class nor was it a familiar way of learning to me, in fact podcasting is all very new to me. In spite of this, I think podcast can have a place in the classroom. For instance, I know I already like making a book trailer and I know I am going to apply that to my classroom but now I really like the teacher’s idea of podcasting and how he made the book come to life. So, what I think I will do is first make a trailer for my students to get them excited about the book and then make a podcast to keep that enthusiasm.
Also, at the end of this podcast it gave a great website for tutorials for podcasting. The video tutorials for using Audacity on a PC on this cite were great you can find them at, I provided the URL for the PC tutorials just because that’s what I have but by the way for all of you Mac owners out there they have tutorials on how to make a podcast using Garage Band too.

The Practical Principals
The podcast members were very over the top and melodramatic. This podcast was not very informative, I liked but I did not learn a lot. Mainly I felt like I was just listening to their life stories. However, I did like that Scott Elias was a principal who encouraged using technology in the classroom and required it to some extent. Personally since entering this class I really enjoyed blogging and this podcast gave me hope that one day maybe I will have a principal that endorses the use of technology in the classroom. Also, I did learn a few things such as; I did get to see the view of a school through principal’s eyes. In addition, I got to learn some responsibilities of a principal.


  1. Kimberly,
    First of all I really like the idea of using a different subject as a podcast topic each week. What a great way to integrate technology into a curriculum!
    I do not think that the last video sounds very useful for blogging based on your review, but i am not sure. What about it made you not think that it was not very informative?

  2. Kim,

    Wow! Your already thinking about how to integrate podcasting into your own lessons. Great job! Keep up the excellent work!

    - Allie