Sunday, January 30, 2011

C4T #1 Summary

In C4T#1 I was assigned to "What Ed Said" Blog. The first post I commented on was titled, "What do you believe about learning?" In this post she told us a story about a student, "A." "A" was a bright student but since he had a late birthday his school would not let him advance on, which I found to be completely ridiculous. Also, in this post she told us about her flexible learning style school. Her school is a K-3 school but the way the school divides up the students is very different. The students  are divided up into mixed age groups, ability groups, and interest groups. Overall, I found her school to sound very interesting and I look forward to hearing more about it through Twitter. The second post I commented on she had posted a video, which I have posted above. First in my comment I told her that I really enjoyed the video and that I thought it was very inspiring. Second, I told her how I planned on using the video in my class someday. In addition to the video she posted her factors of resilience. In her list of the factors of resilience I found that modeling persistence to be the most important and that in addition to modeling flexibility I think that we should also teach flexibility through other methods.  The What Ed Said blog was great.

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