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Blog Assignment #2

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Did you know?Well overall the video was very “eye opening.” However, after the conclusion of the video I was left wondering whether or not the facts were authentic because at the end of the video there was not any indication of where the statistics came from. Yes, I know that the video stated that it was researched by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod but I what to know how they came about their results, if their research was legitimate, and who else was involved in the research yet the video did not offer any of this information. Consequently, I had to look up the researchers to find out more information about them and to see for myself if they seemed reliable. In the end I verified that Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod were in fact educators from the U.S. and were reliable sources.
After verifying the results, universally the video demonstrated to the viewer how technology is such a significant part of our lives. The video also showed the viewer how far technology has advanced just in the past few years. In addition, it showed the viewer how fast technology is changing and how it greatly affects the children of the world. Yet even though technology is advancing so rapidly the students in America are at a standstill, whereas, students from other countries are advancing with technology. In this competitive world the fact that American students are at a standstill is unacceptable. In order for the American students to compete society must change the way it thinks of schools and technology. As Americans we must advance the technologies in our classrooms and put a higher emphasis on the importance of education in order for our children to be successful.

Mr. Winklle WakesMr. Winkle Wakes representation of how far technology has advanced in general and has not advanced in classrooms was ludicrous. Yes, I understand technology has not advanced as much as it should in the classroom but we do not live in the Stone Age which is how the video depicts our classrooms. We do have smart boards and computers in many of our classrooms. In addition, our teachers are implementing these technologies, if available, into their teaching methods and curriculum. The old traditional way of teaching, standing in front of the classroom and lecturing, is fading away. Teachers are using different teaching styles to teach the traditional subjects in a new way.
In spite of this I do understand that technology is not advancing as fast as everyone would like. However it is a work in progress, many of our experienced teachers were not initially trained in these technologies but they are being trained now. In addition, educational curriculum for up and coming teachers has made a major shift in the past few years. Teachers are now being trained in these technologies; teachers are learning to initially put the usage of these new technologies in their curriculum. Moreover, the main reason why technology is not advancing rapidly enough in our classrooms is because of finances. This country does not put enough emphasis in education. Therefore, more often than not our education system does not receive enough money to pay for things like textbooks much less smart boards in every classroom.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativityKen Robinson says schools kill creativity was very insightful. I strongly agree with Ken Robinson statement that “creativity is as important as literacy.” However, even though creativity is essential our education system does not do enough to motivate student’s creativity. It was very interesting when Mr. Robinson explained that the educational hierarchy is the same worldwide science and math come first then the humanities then the arts are last. In order to prepare our children to become well rounded adults and productive members of society we must change this hierarchy. As a teacher, I will implement the arts to the best of my ability into the core subjects.
In conjunction to bringing in more of the arts in the classroom, we also must put an end to people who are disheartened or belittled because they do not excel in academics. Children must understand that there are many types of talents. For example, Mr. Robinson told the story of the choreographer of Cats and Phantom of the Opera and how as a child she was taken to a doctor because her teacher suspected a learning disability. However, after talking to the doctor for a while the doctor and the parent stepped out of the room, but before they left the doctor turned on the radio. The doctor shut the door then turned to the parent and said “Just watch her. She’s not sick, she’s a dancer…,” this story was shameful to teachers. Her teacher suspected a learning disability just because her talents did not lie in the traditional academia area. As a teacher, I will celebrate all of my students’ talents not just the talents that lie in academics.

Cecelia Gault interviews Sir Ken RobinsonThe dropout rate comparison between the U.S. and Finland is deplorable. Also, the fact that the number one country in the world education system is so poor is ridiculous. Our society needs to come together to change this, we must act now before it is too late. If we do not act soon our children are going to fall so far behind that they will not be able to catch up and in this competitive world a good education is crucial. As cliché as it sounds our children are our future so, for our future to be success our children must be too and our children cannot be successful without a proper education. Society must change its view on education. Also, I agreed with Sir Robinson statement that there needs to be a better balance between art and science.
If I had a student like Cecelia Gault I would encourage her creativity, let her use the available technology, and let her research subjects, as appropriate, that she finds interesting.

Harness Your Students Digital SmartsVicki Davis is a very innovative and creative teacher. I really liked her teaching method. I liked how she let the students be the teacher. I also liked how she was using new technology and learning with the students as opposed to learning it herself first then teaching the students. Having a collaborative learning style classroom was very interesting. There was only two problems to this video realistically this would be very difficult to implement into my classroom first due to the fact that not every classroom has this much technology. In addition, these methods are mainly for secondary level students so it would be difficult to implement these methods in my elementary classroom.
Overall the thing I liked most about this video is that Vicki Davis was not the traditional style teacher. She used modern technology in her classroom; she taught things in a more creative away, and the most interesting thing was that she approached learning differently.


  1. Kimberly,

    I am happy to hear that you were reluctant to believe the statistics, but I am even happier to know that you went and researched the producers. Great job at finding things out on your own! Dr. Strange would be super proud. :) Anyways, you are absolutely right about America not valuing education, and this is extremely disappointing. Why do you think this is?

    While I agree with some of your analysis, I do not agree with your response to Mr. Winkle Wakes. Yes, we are not living in the Stone Age, but at the same time, I personally do not think teachers are technologically literate. You will encounter many teachers through EDM 310, and after seeing what there classes can do, I am sure you will reconsider. Teachers are being trained to use smartboards, but that does not mean they are no longer lecturing. I have encountered numerous teachers who have smartboards but cannot use them effectively. I guess my question to you, like Dr. Strange, is what constitutes technological literacy?

  2. Well Jamie Lynn let me clarify I did not mean to insinuate that I think all teachers are technologically literate,because I know there are some teachers that definitely are NOT technologically literate. Also, I do know that there are teachers that have advance technology in their classrooms, but do not use it. I am sorry I should have been more specific.

  3. Kimberly,

    Thanks for clarifying for me. I just wanted to make sure that you realize that many schools and teachers are not nearly as advanced as they should be. You have a great post though! Keep up the good work. :)

    Also, did you ever find out any information about that program you were telling me about?

  4. Yea I did! I meant to tell you the other day when I saw you in the lab. It is for secondary teachers too! By the way didn't you say you were secondary english, if so I know you were thinking about world teach but you should also look into the peace corp. It's pretty much the same thing as world teach except from the sound of things the peace corps has better training and plus at the end of your service you get paid a little over $7000.

  5. I liked your blog post#2.I can tell by your post you agree with me that this is an interesting assignment.I agree with you about Ken Robinson's views that creativity is as important as literacy. I also agree with you that the Did You Know is eyeopening.The statistics are a lot to take in.I look forward to seeing more posts.