Friday, January 21, 2011

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My Niece
Eden "Edy" Claire Harshman, my niece
I was born and raised in Mobile. I have one sibling, a sister, Nicole who is ten years older and married to Andy Harshman. They have been married for four years and live in Tuscaloosa. They recently had their first baby, Eden a.k.a Edy. Eden Claire Harshman is an adorable baby girl who was born 8lbs 7oz on December 1st.  My niece is a big part of my life and I go to see her and spoil her as much as I can, she is everything to me. When I am not in Tuscaloosa visiting my niece I am in Mobile going to class and working.  I am a nanny for The Scaturro family and there are three childern in their family Grant, 4, Makienzie a.k.a Maki, 6 and Jordyn, 12; i love my job.  I also enjoy  traveling in my free time for instance last year I went to Universal Studios and New Orleans, the year before I went to New York, and the year before that I went to Italy.
When applying for colleges USA was never my first choice in schools but after my first semester here I fell in love with the school so I decided to stay. I stayed because USA had everything I wanted in a school for instance, the classes are not too big but also not too small either and I have never had a professor who did not know my name. I chose education because many years ago I decided that no matter what career path I chose I wanted to work with children. Then, in high school I worked at a daycare for four years which is where I found out education was the right career path for me. I am an elementary education major but I plan to get my graduate degree in History in hopes of having a wider range of jobs available to me after graduation. I hope to attend The University of Alabama for graduate school because it has such a good history program.  


  1. Just checking to see if everything is working properly.

  2. Hi Kimberly!
    Your niece is adorable!! I bet she already has a special place in your heart! My best friend had her daughter, Arianna, a little over a year ago and even though my friend an I are not sisters, Arianna is going to call me Aunt Nee-Nee (since my name has Tiffa-nee, on the end!) but Arianna calls me Mae-Mae! Haha. I love her so much! And I can't wait till my real sister Pam actually has kids! I bet it's awesome being an aunt! I hope you do great in your classes this semester! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Kim! Wow! your niece is sooooo cute!!! =)

  4. An historian! There are so many exciting uses for technology in the teaching of history. But it seems to me that historians are the last to recognize that!